Great to meet you! I’m Oddmund Berger.

Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life? That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you – or that you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact?

That was me back in 1999 when I sat as a top corporate executive in the travel industry, in my beautiful office overlooking the ocean in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

As an outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good. In my mid 30s with a good job, ocean side apartment in a good neighbourhood, company car, a great title and at the top of my career, but I had started feeling empty inside.

I had felt it gradually over the past year and it started driving me nuts waking up each morning to someone else’s schedule and going to work for someone else’s dream; travelling 150 days a year and working 60-80-hour weeks. This was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my work life until I was 65 and then retire…

A couple of years earlier, December 22nd 1996, I had miraculously survived a serious car accident without a scratch as I drove from Stockholm, where I lived at the time, and home to family in Norway for Christmas. That fall I had worked 68 days in a row, 16 hours a day on a large project to save a large client from leaving us. The project was successful, but as I had some relaxing days in Norway, I couldn’t stop thinking about “what if those 68 days had been my last normal days on this planet – would this be how I had wanted living them”?

After a few days Christmas vacation, I was soon back in the” rat race” (at work) with new exciting projects. From time to time over the following year I was contacted by executive search companies (“Head hunters”) and offered new exciting job opportunities, often with higher salaries and even more responsibility.

At one point, I was offered to sit on the European Executive committee of a large American company with all the prestige, benefits and challenges that comes with it, but I found myself turning it down in the last minute. The biggest difference (from my current job at the time) was that they didn’t care where in Europe I chose to live, since I wasn’t going to be home much during the week anyway!

Soon after a friend of mine showed me the famous statement (I believe made by Albert Einstein once upon a time): “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results”. It dawned on me that if I ever would feel free and able to control my own time and income, I had to begin thinking about starting my own business. I started reading books and articles on the topic and my mind and vision to what was possible completely opened up. I started to think very differently about being an Employee vs an Entrepreneur!

I wish I would have read those books back in College or High School but of course that wouldn’t happen because the school system doesn’t teach and prepare you for that…unfortunately we’re taught to be employees rather than Business Owners!

On a sunny day in August in the late 1990s, I was introduced to Network Marketing by a friend who knew I was looking for a way out. One day, he called me in my office and invited me downtown Stockholm to a business presentation…

When I got there, I was exposed to the Network Marketing Environment for the very first time. There was a weird Flip Chart set up on stage and 30 – 40 people in the room. I sat down in the back of the room being ready to leave if it got boring.

Out of curtesy to my friend, I stayed and after a relatively boring presentation, I listened to a few people from all walks of life telling their stories and it struck me that several of them seemed to be earning a decent income without any background experience in sales, leadership or in running an entrepreneurial business. They even were able to do this part time in addition to their daytime job!

When I heard what some of them were earning, I couldn’t believe it. I’m not kidding.

I thought if these crazy people are making that kind of money and I’m slaving away at my JOB 12 hours a day and I’ve been working for 5 years as a top executive doing the same thing making 1/3 of what some of these people were doing on a part time thing – without my business school background and any sales and marketing experience…. I’m in!


So as most people who catch the Network Marketing bug, I thought I got this and I’m gonna be a millionaire fast! I was out doing home business presentations several nights a week while working a crazy work schedule on top of that and trying to balance everything else.

I realized fast that Network Marketing had to be treated like a business if I wanted it to pay me like one but the difference between my Business and my JOB was the fact that it could be my 5-year plan verses my 40-year plan. I liked the 5-year plan better and I knew I was going to build something BIG.

After re arranging my job schedule and carving out a few hours a week, I managed to get started on my Network Marketing journey October 1999. In January 2003 my beautiful wife Angelika and I enjoyed an incredible honey moon after getting married September 2002.

While enjoying a luxury vacation in Mauritius without even opening up our email accounts or turning on our mobile phones, we experienced having our biggest network marketing month ever! I started understanding and appreciating the concept of residual, passive income…

Between 2013-2017 both of my parents passed away. My parents were always the best I could ever dream of and they were a true inspiration. They always encouraged me to live life to the fullest and our family would never have had the experiences we had without them.

Although we have decided to live in the beautiful climate on Costa del Sol in southern Spain, I always “dropped by” my parents a few days or week every 4-8 weeks to be with them and my sister and family. As my father had to spend his last 3 years in a nursing home due to his medical condition, I went there even more often.

While I was taking the time off work to be with my family I realized again that I still had money coming in from my Network Marketing Business and again I was reminded what Residual Income really was!

Since 1999, I have had Network Marketing as one of my main business income streams and I have experienced reaching “Millionaire Club” status, achieving the highest ranks and top income earner lists as well as being named European Distributor of the Year for excellent leadership accomplishments and results.


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I have also been fortunate to meet the love of my life, my beautiful wife Angelika from Germany, whom I met and learned to know on one of our many incentive reward trips. Interesting where Network marketing can take you; I am a Norwegian guy who lived in Stockholm, Sweden, who met a German girl in Hong Kong on our way to Australia with 100 other people from around the world. Two years later we married in Oslo and now we live on the beautiful Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

As a former secretary with no experience in sales or leadership, Angelika achieved the highest level in that company and grew to become one of the top income earners in Germany and around the world and was also rewarded Distributor of the Year for Germany. With our combined experience and background, we invite people to work with us in English, German, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian languages – and to enjoy a personal and professional development journey that you would hardly find anywhere else.

During this time, I have also authored my book “Your Life’s Echo – how to get ahead faster and easier than you ever imagined in your business and personal life”. The book became speeches, live seminars and retreats reaching clients in over 20 countries – as well as 12 months educational programs like my “signature program”; Become a Master Communicator”.

Utilizing modern Technology, the Internet and Social Media my wife and I have expanded our current Network Marketing opportunity to around 25 countries spanning from Asia and Australia to North America and all over Europe, while reaching the higher ranks and top income earner lists within the first 18 months in business. Today I can operate both my businesses from the comfort of my home or while travelling anywhere in the world as long as I have access to the internet.

As a leader in the Network Marketing Industry, I believe it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of our biggest Networking Assets! I’ll be honest, learning the Internet side of marketing your Business is not easy but it is worth it. It has taken me months to start getting the hang of HOW to make it all work but once I found my strategy and got committed to making it work, some really awesome things were starting to happen. Recruiting is increasing, we are continuing to building online training for our team to simplify duplication even more (we don’t have to sit down and train everybody one-on-one anymore). This is providing great leverage for our team. We are expanding heavily internationally as our company is expanding into Asia and other places around the world. And we are getting more qualified prospects reaching out to us wanting to join our business.

Having a good mix of Offline and Online Marketing for the team is boosting our results and as a leader in this Industry I believe it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of our biggest Networking Assets!


I am so Grateful for my Life. I’m 56 years Young and I’m Free! It took me a few years of working my Business Hard but I have something that most people don’t have…. Complete Time Freedom.

I still work a few hours a day because I want to – some periods I even choose to work hard because I like to – but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own Business and being an Entrepreneur for anything. I’ve replaced my JOB income where I had to trade my time for dollars for a residual pay check that grows bigger each year and I rarely have to look at price tags.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many interesting places. I frequently speak on stages around the world – telling my story and training people in understanding that they can create their own destiny and use the beauty of the Network Marketing business model to do it if they wish.

I get to enjoy every day with my best friend, wife and love of my life, Angelika Berger! We live and work from our home in southern Spain and travel when we feel like it.

It’s Great to meet you my New Friend. Let me know how I can add value to you or your Business! And if you would like to learn more about working together, I invite you to click the button below.


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