Seminars & Workshops

Customized to Your Organization

Oddmund Berger`s half or full-day seminars and workshops provide the opportunity for members of your organization to learn techniques for success. Oddmund’s seminars are focused on teaching while his workshop format offers both teaching and interactive exercises, powerfully delivered for life-changing results.

Contact Oddmund for a personal talk on how he can tailor programs to your organization’s needs. Corporate programs and personal mentoring programs can contain elements of personal studies, accountability/ mentoring/ coaching/ training calls and Live seminars/training sessions.


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Public, Open Seminars and Events

The 3-day “Sun, Fun & Learn Seminar/workshop” on Costa del Sol is an appreciated initiative where people from several countries studying over a year with Oddmund, come together on Costa del Sol, bringing their life partners and families for combining some time on the beach/in the sun, while having fun and learning at the same time.


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Keynote Speaker


Study with Oddmund in Open Programs

Oddmund offers frequently open programs, from 10 week Tele-Seminars to 6 and 12 month programs containing self-study tools, weekly Tele-Seminars & Live training. Personal mentoring and teaching can be included upon request.
Programs include themes like:


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